Episode 4: Star Trek Discovery Countdown

Episode 4: Star Trek Discovery Countdown This week on New Horizons, we round up our thoughts ahead of the launch of Star Trek Discovery. We touch upon and discuss everything from storytelling to timelines, to set design and gadgets, to the new Star Trek Discovery theme tune to David Mack’s novel Star Trek Discovery: Desperate Hours.

We also introduce you to our new permanent co-host Mark McCulloch. You’ll get to hear all about our Scottish host and his introduction to Star Trek (he’s another Star Trek Voyager fan!), plus his podcast history.

Joining Steve and Mark this week is reoccurring host, Mike from the Gatecast Archives podcast.

Come and join us as we eagerly await the imminent launch of Star Trek Discovery.

Don’t just listen to what we think each week, we’d love you to get involved and tell us your thoughts on all our discussions in this episode and anything else Star Trek Discovery related.

Do you want to get in contact with us? Just visit the contact us page for a full list of places you can find us.

Next week, in episode 5 of the New Horizons Podcast, Steve, Mark and Mike (and possibly others) will review Star Trek Discovery’s pilot episode. Next week we are expecting to release two episodes a day apart as we expect to have episodes 1 and 2 released to watch and hopefully enjoy!

Until then, Live Long and Podcast.


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