Episode 6: Context is for Kings

Episode 6: Context is for Kings This week, Steve is joined by Star Trek Production Associate and Producer David Rossi along with Mark to talk about Star Trek Discovery’s episode 3: “Context is for Kings“.

We discuss what’s what in the second pilot episode for Star Trek: Discovery where we finally get to see the USS Disovery and her crew.

During this week’s show we delve into everything we see in “Context is for Kings” from prison transports, to ships, to alerts, labs, secrets and the crew!

Please make sure that you have watched Star Trek Discovery episode “Context Is for Kings” before listening to the show – as we’re reviewing this episodes and there will be spoilers!

We want to hear your thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery “Context Is for Kings” and anything else we’ve discussed on the show.

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Next week on episode 7 of the New Horizons Podcast, Steve will be joined by Mark and guest podcaster Sunseahl to talk about Discovery’s forth episode tited “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry“.

Until then, Live Long and Podcast.


00:00:17 Guest Intro: Dave Rossi
00:03:26 Dave & Mark’s views on DIS
00:19:03 Shuttle
00:33:14 Feed the Animals
00:37:04 Captain Lorca
00:40:45 Back to Quarters
00:45:51 Black Alert
00:47:54 Saru
00:52:15 Engineering Lab
01:01:11 Away Mission
01:08:02 Shhhh!
01:18:22 Sign up for secrets!
01:21:54 Discovering guests!
01:29:45 Contact Dave
01:30:48 Feedback
01:33:50 Contact us



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