Star Trek Discovery Trailers

This blog is about the trailers that have been released so far for Star Trek Discovery, so please do not read on if you do not want any spoilers before the first episode airs in September 2017.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer 1

Back in July 2016 CBS released their first trailer at Comic-Con. At this point production had not started even though the original plan was to have the new incarnation of the Star Trek franchise released in January 2017.

The January release date was the target as that was the earliest possible moment CBS could release a Star Trek TV show as it marked the necessary elapsed time that the CBS’ contract with Paramount over the Kelvin timelines movies would have ended. This agreement was that Bad Robot would produce three movies and during that time CBS would not produce any Star Trek TV series until six months after the third film’s release.

With September 2016 marking the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, there had already been information leaked about a new TV production in the works. To gain interest from not just Star Trek fans but science fiction fans a trailer was released at Comic-Con.

This trailer did not show much, as, at the time, there was only a brief outline on what show runner Bryan Fuller wanted to do with show. They still had to select writing staff, producers and even start the casting process.

The first trailer that was titled “First Look – Test Flight of Star Trek’s U.S.S. Discovery” was released.

In this trailer, we got to see a new ship, a star ship that was expected to be in the time-period of 10 years before Captain Kirk’s 5-year mission. We were told that the designs were not final for the U.S.S. Discovery and even 13 months later we still have not seen any more of the U.S.S. Discovery.

If you’ve not seen the trailer you should either see it on the Star Trek YouTube channel:

The above YouTube is probably not available to viewers outside of the USA but another copy of it was uploaded to the Entertainment Access YouTube channel that you should be able to view:

As you always get in a fandom, you have those that hate the new ideas, those that love it and those that just want to know more.

For me I was intrigued – it did not bother me that it was another prequal series. To me that meant it allowed more story for characters not technology. A sequel would have been back to where The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager often ended up, which was where some sort of new technology could always be created to fix the problem in time.

When watching the trailer, it was also noted how the music used sounded very much like something from a Federation – Klingon battle scene in Star Trek – The Original Series.

After the first look trailer we did not see another until the end of January 2017 – you remember that date, don’t you? I mentioned it earlier… this was when they were originally hoping to release Star Trek Discovery!

However, delays on the production were caused by Bryan Fuller leaving to finish his work on previously started productions plus delays caused by the casting. I won’t go into any of that as we will no doubt cover that in the one of the New Horizon podcast episodes leading up to the release of Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access, Space and Netflix.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer 2

So, what we saw next at the end of January 2017 was titled “Star Trek: Discovery In Production” and you can watch it on the Star Trek YouTube channel:

Again, the above might not available to view outside of the USA, so here is another version uploaded to the We Got This Covered’s YouTube channel that you should be playable:

This second trailer was very clever as it gave shots of set construction, props, uniforms and even some ship designs, but still did not give anything away regarding the story to avoid spoiling anything. This was still early in the production stage and the casting process was still not compete!

But it gave many Trekkies hope that this new production was actually on its way despite the numerous delays. Personally, I was excited and could not wait to see more!

Star Trek Discovery Trailer 3

The first official trailers were released last month (August 2017), one from CBS and one from Netflix. The trailers generally contained the same content but just had Netflix logos and dates on it.

In this trailer, we get to see visuals of the final release coming in three weeks time.

We see ships, but still not the USS Discovery. We see Federation and Klingon ships including the new warp animations that are to be used.

There’s also plenty more to see from uniforms, weapons, shields, space suites, transporter effects and even what appears to be a Klingon ritual.

This trailer shows us the new updated look of Star Trek made using 21st century technology but made for the small screen.

Many Trekkies have commented on how it looks like the Kelvin timeline (AKA JJ-verse) – personally I’d just say that it looks like a modern day sci-fi production. Yes, it looks like what we’ve seen from Paramount’s latest three films, but that will be because they will have been using the technologies and techniques that are available to them today and not back in 1966!

If you are still to watch the trailer and you are in America you should view “Star Trek: Discovery – Official Trailer” on

For everyone outside the USA you should be able to view the Netflix version:

Other trailers

I have seen other trailers around the web but they seem to be re-edited versions of what we’ve seen. I’ve not seen anything else released to the CBS website or to the Netflix YouTube channel… well, at least not just yet!

Time to warp out!

If you’ve not seen the trailers I hope this blog has given you all the links you need to watch them. If you have got to this part of the blog and do not want to know or see spoilers then… why did you not read the first paragraph?! 😉

It will not be too long before we get to see a full episode and I cannot wait, and don’t forget to listen in to our coverage of each episode each week.

Until next time, Live Long and Podcast =/\=