Episode 1: Opening Hailing Frequencies

New Horizons - Episode 1 This week on our first show we’re opening hailing frequencies to give you an introduction to the show and crew. We outline the release schedule and what we aim to bring you in realtion to the podcast going forward. With this exciting new chapter in Star Trek looming ever closer, everyone involved is looking forward to bringing you their thoughts and ideas on the latest incarnation of this much loved and long running franchise.

We will bring you voices from around the globe and from widely accomplished podcasters who have covered all aspects of Trek and Sci fi. From Stargate to Babylon 5. From Star Wars to Star Trek the main host and guest hosts have covered it all.

Join your main host Steve Roberts and New Horizons’ Executive Producer, Colin Higgins, as they introduce you to the newest Star Trek podcast, and lets begin this new journey together.

Also listen up for instructions on how to find out becoming part of the show – this can be as a host, a guest host or even just by sending us a message via email or any of our social media channels.


Not applicable this time as its an intro show.


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Colin Higgins and Steve Roberts


None this week.

Production Team

Colin Higgins (Executive Producer and Audio Editor)
Steve Roberts (Producer, Host, Designer, Webmaster)

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