About the New Horizons Podcast and Crew

New Horizons is a podcast dedicated to bringing you reviews and news on the newest incarnations of the Star Trek franchise starting with “Star Trek Discovery” from CBS.

Every week our anchor Steve, will be joined on the microphone with guest hosts from around the globe. Joined with seasoned podcasters who as well as being Star Trek fans are all well versed in other genre areas.

Below is a little bit of information about our core team and on the pilot episode we tell you how you can join the podcast and have your say.

The brainchild of Colin Higgins, the New Horizon podcast brings you a free flowing discussion based cast.

Hosts are free to discuss anything and everything to do with the newest creation to the Star Trek universe.

The show will be anything but scripted or controlled, it will be totally open to what ever direction the chat takes us.

Just picture yourself hanging out with a collection of other geeks and nerds and talking Discovery, that’s essentially the feel of the cast.

There will be no agenda, no “we must say this”, only people geeking out around a mic or two about the latest episode or news item.

We want to bring you a podcast where you feel you can join in with the discussion, which if you want, you can do!

So to the core team:

Colin Higgins, New Horizons’ Executive Producer and Host

Colin has been involved in podcasting in one form or another for nearly 10 years.

He has created and led several successful podcasts during that time, after guesting on several podcasts he decided he wanted to do it himself and his first successful podcast was Trek News & Views (which he is still massively protective of).

Colin then went on to create Deck 8, Melodic Treks, Frak Stars and others before coming up with the idea for New Horizons.

He’s also in the process of currently creating two other podcasts which will launch towards the end of the year or early 2018.

From Colin you can expect dry humour, lots of tangents and a podcast that is far from the traditional scripted feel some podcasts have.

Steve Roberts, New Horizons’ Producer, Host and Webmaster

Steve RobertsHe is our resident IT guy, your main host, the man who created this website.

A Scotsman who now lives in south east England, Steve is a well versed podcaster who started podcasting in 2013.

He is involved, in one form or another, with a variety of podcasts. Shows include Tribbles in Ecstasy, G&T Show, Frak Stars, Priority One and numerous others (& we do mean numerous!).

As well as being a talented IT guy, who goes beyond the “have you tried turning it off and on again”, Steve is well versed in an awful lot of geekdom and has guest spotted on a wide variety of podcasts.

He’s analytical with a dry sense of humour and is prone to tangents. Steve adds an interesting dynamic to the cast as its main host.

Mark McCulloch, Host

Mark McCulloch Joining Steve each week will be regular host Mark. Mark is a long time lover of all things Trek and podcasting. From being one of the creators and original team of Priority One and The Geek Contingent, to launching his own “coming soon ™” production, sharing his passions is part of his blood.

A Scotsman who does his best not to need a Universal Translator, Mark hopes to bring his own unique views to what Star Trek Discovery will become. Sarcastic to a fault, an OCD knowledge of Trek and general geekdom, he hopes to entertain as well as inform.


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